ARC HD Services
Serving young people in need
Arc: Safe, nurturing, creative and supportive

Arc is an independent service that has been set up to meet the needs of young people both locally and nationally.

The Arc team is committed to providing a therapeutic environment which is safe, nurturing, encouraging, creative and supportive.

The multi-disciplinary staff team aim to ensure the process of holistic assessment and treatment leads to a positive outcome for young people.

We can provide psychotherapy through the arts, including drama, music, dance and art therapy. This can be channeled through group or 1:1 working. A consultant Mental Health Nurse offers a range of mental health assessments and motivational interviews of young people.

The service is overseen by a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who provides regular clinical supervision to the staff team.

Arc aims

  1. To provide a safe, distraction free environment
  2. To deliver an effective treatment programme
  3. To effect a successful recovery and re-integration

The homes are small enough for everyone to feel important and have their individual needs met. They are large enough to offer a sense of community living, yet small enough to care.