SetToGO: Frequently Asked

How do I get music into SetToGO?

There are several ways:

Can I view a song with more than one page?

Yes, if the song file is a PDF. If your original music is in MS Word(TM) or Mac Pages(TM), simply print the file to a PDF before sending to SetToGO.

I'm playing the set; swiping left or right doesn't work to go forwards or backwards. Why?

To go forward or backwards a song, just tap on the right or left side of the screen. Swiping takes too long, particularly if playing an instrument!

My song sheet has large white margins. Can I shrink these?

Yes. When viewing the song, simply pinch or drag with two fingers to zoom or pan. SetToGO remembers the value you set for each song. You can reset the zoom and pan for a song by using the 'Settings' button.

How do I send a setlist or song to other members of the band?

Select the setlist you want to send and press 'email setlist'. To send a song, simply touch and hold the song; an email menu will pop up.

Can SetToGO remember the band's email addresses?

Yes. Go to Settings -> SetToGO and enter the email addresses there. You can copy and paste from your mail application.

Why is a song showing up in red in a setlist?

This will happen if a band member sends you a setlist containing a song you don't have. Get them to email the songsheet too, and tap the attachment to import into SetToGO.

How do I delete a song from SetToGO?

Touch and hold the song title in the main song list. After a short delay a menu will pop up; one of the entries allows you to delete the song.